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About Us
Who are we?
We are a very small group of software developers. Our work is mostly focused on develping Internet Marketing Softwares known as bots. These bots used to help people or internet marketers to grow their online businesses fastly with no hassles and with very little work by generating real traffic from real users out from real websites. however, we don't use any kind of malicious techniques or use spywares to generate this traffic. our bots will only semi-automate some manual tasks those can take long time to be performed manually. Therefore, We do not encourage any kind of spammy behavoiurs and our tools should be used for managing and marketing purposes only. using them to spam other websites is strictly prohibited and unethical way to grab the attention. please take note that we don't take any responsibility if any of the users abused one of our tools. although, we have the rights to disable any subscription without any reason.

What's our Mission?
Bots Labs aim to deliver the most effective and best ways to attract Real customers/users to your website/products by driving Real Traffic from Forums and Boards or any other social networking websites to your website/Product. We have discovered that 'ethical' advertising in Forums and Social Networking websites is very effective way and can bring your business to success in simple steps, this can be done through manual submissions simply by creating useful threads, or even posting simple replies those can help the community with something beneficial. doing this will attract other users and you will be known as a good contributor, now people will always trust you and always will try to follow your posted contents because its useful and authentic. Now doing this manually can take you lots of time and lots of efforts and headaches in order to get to the point where people will start trusting your posted contents. Now imagine what if someone was doing most of this 'authentic' work for you for free? perhaps on many Forums? or Maybe on other Platforms such as Social Networking Websites? adding to the account that. this guy is also fast, reliable and he doesn't need to eat, drink or even go to the bathroom. Just imagine how much traffic you will gain if you were posting 'authentic' posts on say 10 boards and social websites? It’s very hard to count that, but it’s not hard to achieve that with our bots. You can bring hundreds and thousands of unique and REAL users to visit your site and read your website/products contents. Surprisingly, this will increase your website's search engine rankings and therefore, your website's link popularity will be on first page of the search engines such as Google or Bing. This will also bring and attract more and more users to your website/product. It’s widely known that forums and social networking websites are the best way to promote business, and it’s well known that every person 'poster' occasionally visits 20 boards or more every day. However, as a 'poster' it’s very frustrating to post 'authentic' contents to many boards manually everyday 'as mentioned above' it will take lots of time create 20 'authentic' threads on 20 boards in one day. Imagine how long it will take if you had 2000+ boards, 20 years maybe? That’s when our 'bots' come in handy. Our intelligent bots are designed to help you to automate this with ease. You don't need to navigate to any forums and do this manually anymore. You just need a list of forums links and you will be set to go. Your time is valuable, don't waste it on stuff bots can do for you...

How to get in touch with us?
You can use our Helpdesk Support or you can contact us directly through the email at: botslabs[at]

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