v1.4.0.0 (December-29-2016): Major Fix
- This release is dedicated to all of the people who are still interested in this tool and contacted us to show their support. We've had faced a major break-down for the past year and most of the (server and client) source code got corrupted/deleted due to failures of the HDDs and the HDDs that contained the backups as well as the servers that we used before. It took us a long time to re-write lots of the modules and the missing pieces of the software just to put it back up and running for now but that's just the start, hopefully we'll be adding more features and updates in the future and we would like to thank everyone who contacted us and still interested in this tool. However, we're offering FREE 1 month licenses if you're interested please contact the support

v1.3.0.8 (January-20-2012): Hot Fixes
- Fixed random crashes during program's start up.
- Fixed an issue on XP machines used to crash the program due to unsupported methods by .Net framework.

v1.3.0.6 (November-25-2012): Hot Fixes
- Fixed random crashes during program's start up.
- Fixed issue with the licensing system used to show false alarms.
- Fixed serious issue with the updater.
- Minor enhancements and optimizations.

v1.3.0.5 (November-06-2012): Hot Fixes
- Fixed sorting listview after account registration bug.
- Fixed serious issue in auto save.
- Fixed updater issue.
- Removed "invalid/unknown accounts" from grabbers.
- Minor enhancements and optimizations.

v1.3.0.4 (October-23-2012): Hot Fixes
- Fixed "Add emails from dialog". This should also fix the account registration unknown errors.
Note: Please delete and re-add your emails to fix the accounts registration errors.

- Fixed Items sorting and reordering in "Topics creator" and "Pms sender".
- Fixed "Check Balance for deathbycaptcha".
- Removed "Decaptcher" service.

v1.3.0.3 (October-01-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed Topics Creator button.
- Fixed Minor bugs in Accounts Activator.

v1.3.0.2 (September-24-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed minor bugs used to crash the application during the startup.

v1.3.0.1 (September-21-2012): Major Fixes
- Fixed major bugs used to crash the application in (Comments poster, Topics Creator and PMs sender).
- Added new debugging system to the aplication.
- Minor fixes and optimizations.

v1.3.0.0 (September-04-2012): Major System updates
- Ability to resize and maximize the window.
- Fixed the layout of controls when resizing the window.
- Fixed "Add Email" from dialog bug.
- Fixed "Edit Proxy" crashing bug.
- Fixed "Add Account" crashing bug in Profiles update tab.
- Enhanced Random Usernames Generator.
- Added New type of Listviews with enhanced features, collapsible grouped items and better performance.
- New licensing system has been added. All of the existing premium users will be credited with 1 year subscription. - New website and interface.
- Demo users can use and test full version for 2 days.

v1.2.1.9 (April-17-2012): Critical Fix
- Fixed an issue with Topics Creator. It used to auto-close thread on some boards. (Demo and Premium)
- Fixed a critical issue with the licensing system. (Demo and Premium)
- Fixed an issue with auto-save feature. (Premium)
(please contact the support if you face any problem when you activate your license).

v1.2.1.8 (April-01-2012): Critical Fix
- Fixed a major bug caused the program to crash randomly.

v1.2.1.7 (Mar-31-2012): Critical Fix
- Fixed a major bug caused the program to crash randomly.

v1.2.1.6 (Mar-21-2012): Hot Fix
- Minor Adjustments to all Harvesters Dialogs.

v1.2.1.5 (Mar-21-2012): Hot Fixes
- Code Optimization in "Accounts Harvester". Used to take lots of memory and CPU usage during the process of grabbing.
- Code Optimization in "tab 6". Used to take lots of time when adding many items from "Accounts Harvester".
- Enhanced the accounts harvest in "Accounts Harvester".
- Added new checking routines in "Accounts Harvester". the new routines can check if the selected account is eligible for PMing of not.
- Added Automatic Delay detector to "Accounts Harvester".
- Added 2 new powerful settings to "Update Profiles" tab. (only full version)
) PMs detector. This setting used to check how many posts are required to send a PM.
) Topics detector. This setting used to check how many posts are required to create a Thread.

v1.2.1.4 (Mar-15-2012): Hot Fixes
- Fixed SolveMedia Captchas.
- Fixed some issues with proxies used to crash the program in several places.
- Code Optimization in tab 3, the list used to take lots of time to draw when 1000 items loaded in it.

v1.2.1.3 (Mar-14-2012): Hot Fixes
- Fixed a critical bug in accounts register tab. The bug used to crash the program when a proxy used. (tab 2)
- Fixed a minor bug in accounts register tab. (tab 2)
- Fixed a minor bug while saving a project. (save project dialog)
- Fixed a minor bug in Proxies Randomizer. tabs (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
- Fixed bugs in proxies used to crash the program in the following tabs (3, 4, 5, 6).
- Code Optimization in tabs (3, 4). Now it should response faster when adding thousands of items.

v1.2.1.2 (Mar-13-2012): New Features and Hot Fixes
- Added Multi-Boards Grabbing support to "Active/Random Accounts" Grabber. Now its easier to grab accounts from multiple boards at same time. (tab 6)
- Fixed Randomizer when adding pre-registered accounts to tab 2.
- Fixed Randomizer in Usernames, Emails Bulk Edit. (tab 2)
- Fixed Bulk Profiles Edit and Profiles Randomizer. (tab 3)
- Fixed Proxies Randomizer in all tabs. (tab 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
- Fixed "Paste from clipboard" in the emails listview. (tab 1)
- Added Open with browser button to URLs list. (tab 1)
- Fixed URLs Grabber. (tab 1)

v1.2.1.1 (Mar-07-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed a minor bug in "Forums Grabber" used to crash the application.
- Enhanced some features and Fixed some bugs in "Forums Grabber", such as "Canceling Process" and enabling and disabling some buttons.
- Fixed and Disabled sorting columns while program processing specific items related to the selected listview.
- Fixed saving bug in demo version.

v1.2.1.0 (Mar-02-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed minor bugs in tab 3 caused the program to crash when doing bulk editing.
- Fixed minor bugs in tab 2 and 3 caused to add duplicated items.
- Added simple dialog to tab 3 when the user adds new accounts from tab 2.

v1.2.0.10 (Feb-09-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed Auto saving feature. There was a bug caused the data to be unexpectedly erased.
- Added Saving Prompt to the user.
- Added Unhandled-Exceptions handler. This handler will help the program to save the current progress before crashing or exiting due to unknown errors.
- Fixed a major bug in Accounts Activator. This bug used to crash the program.
- Enhanced Delete methods. Now it shouldn't take long to erase thousands of items.
- Enhanced Data adder in Accounts Activator module. Used to hang the application for couple of seconds when more than 500 items added to the queue.
- and other minor bugs.

v1.2.0.9 (Feb-06-2012): Critical Fix
- Fixed a major bug in Accounts Activator. This bug used to ignore activation links of many boards.
- Code Optimization.

v1.2.0.8 (Feb-04-2012): Critical Fix
- Fixed a bug in Signatures Changer Module.
- Fixed a bug in Profiles Updater used to add duplicated contents to the list.

v1.2.0.7 (Feb-04-2012): Critical Fix
- Code Optimization.
- Fixed bug in Acounts Registerar.

v1.2.0.6 (Feb-03-2012): Minor Fixes
- Code Optimization.
- Solved the annoying hang usually occurs when adding more than 500 items. Now it should run smoothly without any problems.

v1.2.0.5 (Feb-02-2012): Critical Fixes
- Optimizing and enhancing performance. the program used to hang when more than 5000 records added to the 2nd tab and 3rd tab.
Now it should run smoothly even with 20000 records.

v1.2.0.4 (Feb-02-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed BBCODE previewer.
- Fixed Line breaks on some types of vBulletin boards.
- Fixed the 'Auto-Close thread' problem on some boards.

v1.2.0.3 (Feb-01-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed Randomize Profiles in (tab 3 -> context menu). Now its working as it should.
- Updated URLs Grabber in (tab 1). Used to escape some pages from google search.
- Fixed small bug in URLs grabber. Used to hide the close (x) button.
- Updated deathbycaptcha module. Used to show exception error when wrong account info entered.
- Fixed the major line breaks bug. Used to ignore line breaks when user posts a comment/topic/pm.
- Fixed a bug in comments poster tab. (bulk comments changer used to change the comment data).
- Fixed a bug in PMs sender. now it can select and post a full custom pm from spinnable pms.

v1.2.0.2 (Jan-29-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed Comments Poster status report. (used to show 'Unable to post' statuses when the program successfully post a comment).
- Fixed Topics Spintax Selector. (Used to post topics not related to the subjects when Topics Grabber used).
- Fixed URLs Grabber. (Removed some unwanted proxies used to hide search results).

v1.2.0.1 (Jan-26-2012): Critical Fixes
- Fixed Forums Grabber in Create Topics Tab. (Added additional forums detection script).
- Fixed Topics Grabber in Post Comments Tab. (Added additional forums/topics detection script).
- Fixed Active Accounts Harvester in PMs Sender Tab. (Added additional forums detection script).

v1.2.0.0 (Jan-25-2012): New Major Enhanced Features and Hot Fixes
Comments Poster Updates:
- Added new and enhanced Topics Grabber for Comments Poster with multiple grabbing features.
  ) Grab topics manually by selecting forums manually.
  ) Grab your current account topics.
  ) Grab topics from board's search engine.
  ) Grab topics you subscribed in.
- Added search topics by keywords with manual topics grabber.
- Added more details to the grabbed content such as: topic posts count, last poster and subscribed.
- Added advanced status to the grabber to show what's currently happenning.
- Changed the way how Comments Queue Listview handles the data. now its very detailed to keep track on your topics.
- Added bulk topics editor. now you can change (delay, posting mode, custom comments) with one single click.
- Added containers support. now you can add your packages to a container, the container will hold your selected topics.
- Changed 'quote mode' to 'smart mode'. this mode will select one comment from other posters and re-post it in the topic.
- Added support to websites with SSL certificates (HTTPS).
- Added 'Copy to Clipboard' feature with two types of copyting.
- Added new feature 'last post checker', this feature will allow you to track new posts on topics you select.
- Fixed and enhanced status reporting for the poster. now its more accurate.
- Added new option allows you to assign custom comments to specific packages/topics.
- Added comments merger. to merge 2 or more comments with [spin][/spin] tags.
- Enhanced comments poster with accurate results and improved detailed posting statuses.
- Added advanced comments grabber with quotes remover, custom comments adder and filters support.
- Extra management for packages. (copy, export, merge, move to, rename. etc)
- Smart comments picker, now it has a built-in search engine which can automatically select the most related comment to the topic.
- Easy to manage packages (merge, rename, move to, drag n drop).
- plenty of other bugs fixes.
- and much much more..

Topics Creator Updates:
- Enhanced forums grabber now it supports forums filtering, multi-selection, detailed status report and more.
- Topics poster now supports 2 posting modes: Normal and Massive modes.
  ) Normal mode usually posts 1 random topic from the selected topics list.
  ) Massive mode posts all of the selected topics including topics with [spin][/spin] tags.
- Now topics are handled by containers similar to comments poster for easy management.
- Added bulk topics editor and many managing functions.
- Added topics merger. now you can merge hundreds of topics and make them only big one with [spin][/spin] tags.
- Added topics grabber. now you can scrape thousands of topics from other boards and use them for your own needs.
- Ability to send your created topics to Comments Poster for further use.
- Ability to create topics on boards support captchas/random question.
- Added advanced settings to manage the list as you need.
  ) Automatically send topic to comments poster.
  ) Auto delete created topics from queue.
  ) Ignore forums require you to enter captcha/random questions.
- Extra management for packages. (copy, export, merge, move to, rename. etc)
- Easy to manage packages (merge, rename, move to, drag n drop).
- Enhanced topics creator with accurate results and improved detailed posting statuses.
- Fixed and enhanced status reporting for the poster. now its accurate.
- Add bulk topics editor. now you can change (delay, proxy changer, custom topics) with one single click.
- Plenty of bugs fixes.
- and much much more..

PMs Sender Updates:
- Grouping support. All of the data are now grouped by boards.
- Major enhancements to Accounts harvester (Random and Active).
- Two adding modes are included (Random and Sequence) modes.
  ) Random mode used to send a random PM from the custom PMs you select.
  ) Sequence mode used to send the sequence of PMs (in the PMs list) to the selected accounts.
- Now you can send from up to 10 accounts on each board. The program will automatically detect different accounts.
- Packages Parallelization. Now you can send up to 50 boards at same time. So in threading terms it will be 50 X 10 = 500 threads.
- Added the ability to change the recipients BCCs with 1 click.
- Randomize the accounts of specific board with 1 click. this feature is added to divide large lists on multiple accounts equally.
- Easy to manage items (rename, move to, drag n drop).
- Ability tp assign a custom PM to specific recipients.
- Errors reporting is more accurate.
- Fixed delay bug.
- Plenty of bugs fixes.
- and much much more..

Misc: - Fixed a bug in Boards Grabber caused the program to crash.
- Fixed a bug in Accounts Activator in Tab '2' used to show that there is no activation email.
- Fixed a bug in Register Accounts caused the program to crash.
- Fixed a bug in the updater.
- Updated What's new dialog. now the data will be show right from the website.
- Added new StopForumSpam patterns to Accounts Registerar.
- Merged Add custom PM/Comment/Topic dialogs.
- Added Comment/PM/Topic built-in BBCode previewer.
- Added Spin button.
- Added spins count to show how many spins a PM/Topic/Comment has.
- Added Comments/Topics/PMs merger. Now you can merge thousands of items with one click.
- Fixed Listviews flickering while updating the data.
- Added more options to Context Menus for easier management.
- Fixed some boards use bogus/invalid redirections.
- and many more...

v1.1.0.9 (Nov-23-2011): New Features and Hot Fixes
- New features and Fixes to 2nd Tab "Register Accounts":
  ) Fixed Account Registration Module. added more types of anti-spam techniques to spot the boards used to report the email/ip/username.
  ) Fixed bug in URL detection.
  ) Fixed Accounts Email Activator, many bugs fixes have been applied to this module.
  ) Fixed Accounts status detection. now most of the status are accurate.

- New features and Fixes to 3rd Tab "Update Profiles":
  ) Added "Auto Threads Reader". Some boards force the users to read specific thread before it allows them to do anything.
  ) Added "Spuntax" support in signatures.
  ) Added "Edit Profile" option to Profiles listview.
  ) Added "Pause/Resume" ability to Profiles Updater.
  ) Added new option for the "Random comments Poster" setting. Now you can add your custom comments instead of the random selected comments.
  ) Added Export valid accounts to Profiles Updater. now you can export your collection of valid accounts.
  ) Added Import accounts from a text file or through clipboard. Now you can add your old accounts to the program with 1 click.
  ) Added Bulk Profiles Changer. Now with one click you can change profiles of thousands of your accounts.
  ) Fixed Profiles Updater. Now it works on more boards types.
  ) Fixed errors reporting and status reporting, now its accurate.
  ) Fixed "Random Comments Poster" setting in the profile updater. Now it posts random but smart comments to the selected topic.

- Other Fixes:
  ) Fixed bug caused the program to crash randomly.
  ) Fixed URLs validator, No more inaccurate links grabbed.
  ) Other minor fixes.

v1.1.0.8 (Nov-12-2011): Critical Fixes
- Fixed administrator's privileges issue. No need to run it as admin anymore.
- Fixed license system. No need to ask support to restart your subscribtion everytime you format your PC.
- Merged Updater with the main program.
- Fixed anti-virus compatibility issues.

from now on, we will not be using any installation files anymore. there will be only one exe file to run the program.
However, don't ever run the program from the "program files" folder as it will require you to run it as an admin.
so in order to use the program properly, please move the main exe file to any other location and run it from there.

v1.1.0.7 (Nov-09-2011): New features and Awesome Fixes
- Fixed Registration Module, the following modes have been included and fixed:
  ) "Click on specific a image" mode, in order to continue to the register page, such as "click on cat image to proceed".
  ) "Enter email then navigate to your email and verify it" mode, then registre. Now its done automatically all you need is a valid email with IMAP access.
  ) "Enter age to register" mode.
  ) "Auto redirections" mode.
  ) "Hidden random controls" mode -> mostly used on v3.x.x boards used to disable the registration and report your details as spammer.
  ) and many many many others..

- Fixed Random Questions Grabber. More and more types of boards now are supported.
- Added (Anti-Spam) scripts detector. Now it can detect boards with special anti-spam scripts. It will try to bypass them like a human ;)
- Added (SFS) boards detector. Some boards hide their "special anti-spam scripts", so in order to spot these boards a database on our server has been setup and ready to get and save the reported board(s). Now the program will ask our servers for the current-in-use-board and see whether this board is protected or not and report back to the program for further instructions.

- Added ability to Pause/Resume the process.
- And many other features.

After applying these fixes, the registration success rate moved from P to � which is an excellent result compared to the other bots on net. Please also note that using this fix will not protect your IP/email/username from being automatically banned by these boards. It will only somehow decrease the levels of being automatically banned (after doing long personal analyzing and testing on these types of boards). So we take no responsibility if that occurs.

v1.1.0.6 (Nov-01-2011): New Settings and Hot Fixes
- Fixed Captcha grabber module. Now it supports old versions of vBulletin v3.x.x => v3.6.0.
- Fixed some types of boards. the program used to choke and show "unable to reach page" error in some boards.
- Fixed Random Questions Grabber. The program can detect More Random Custom Questions.
- Added a new "Decaptcha" setting which allows the user to control the sending of captcha silently or manually.
- Added "Panel CountDown" setting. a good way to submit or close captcha/random questions panels automatically after couple of seconds.

v1.1.0.5 (Oct-30-2011): Critical Fix
- Fixed Unicode conversions. Some foriegn boards had problems showing corrupted characters now its fixed.
- Minor fixes with context menus.

v1.1.0.4 (Oct-29-2011): Hot Fixes and New Features
- Fixed grab links in search engine grabber issue.
- Fixed an issue with search engine grabber causes Google to ban the user temporarily after 3 searches.
- Added a new column for names of the grabbed links.
- Fixed (DeathByCaptcha) submissions. now its way faster, more stable and no more submission errors appears.
- Fixed problem with sorting columns. no more automatic sorting when new items added to the listview(s).
- Added dragging feature to listviews. now you can drag items up and down easily.
- Optimized code for better performance.

v1.1.0.3 (Oct-12-2011): Critical Fix
- Fixed a bug in the Update Profiles caused the application to crash.
- Fixed Saving Settings.

v1.1.0.2 (Oct-11-2011): Critical Fix
- Fixed a bug in the Accounts Activator caused the application to crash. not anymore!

v1.1.0.1 (Oct-10-2011): New Hot Fixes
- Fixed a bug in the updater. now it should update the program and itself properly.
- Fixed 2 minor bugs.

v1.1.0.0 (Oct-8-2011): New Package Update and Hot Fixes
- Added What's New Dialog. you can check what updates have been added to the new package.
- Added Spintax feature to (Comments, Topic, PM) posters.
- Added Exclude URLs feature.
- Added Ability to abort current working item at any time to all modules (Full version only).
- Added New Grab button in (Add Topics to Queue Dialog and Add Threads Package).
- Added ability to sort columns in the listviews with Asc and Desc orders.
- Added new errors system to registration tab, now you can track the errors easily and report them to us by just giving error number and the url of board.
- Added auto mouse focus on listviews and Captcha dialogs.
- Added errors log button in help menu.
- Added "Edit Bulk Accounts" in registration tab. now its very easy to change usernames/emails of hundreds of selected accounts with one click. (Full version only).

- Fixed updater module. (Please Redownload the whole package again in order to get the latest updater).
- Fixed proxies checker. now its more accurate than before.
- Fixed DeathByCaptcha services.
- Fixed Cancel/Abort in all posters. no more buggy cancellation (Full version only).
- Fixed Bugs in registration tab such as (Posting wrong answers to our servers, some boards didn't work at all).
- Fixed and Enhanced the Registration Accounts system on many customized boards. now it works with more types of boards.
- Fixed minor bugs in many dialogs (i.e. the dialog exits when pressing enter in "add profile" dialog).
- Fixed errors with posting newlines in signatures.
- Fixed and Optimezed some parts of the program. Now it should work faster.
- More and more bugs has been eliminated.

v1.0.1.0 and v1.0.1.1 (Sept-25-2011): New Fixes and New important features added
- Added new proxy testing method to "smart proxy" mode - Added Auto Updater.
- Changed name of the program to vBulleTraffic Storm.
- Fixed other bugs (keyboard shortcuts, random crashes, etc...).

v1.0.0.9 (Sept-14-2011): New Hot Fixes
- fixed "Keyboard shortcuts".
- fixed "Load settings and save settings" in full version only.
- added new proxy testing method to "smart proxy" mode.

v1.0.0.8 (Sept-13-2011): New Hot Fixes
- Fixed "choosing random proxy" option in all listviews caused the program to crash.
- Fixed "Grab forums" in I-comments tab. the program used to crash when a proxy is being used.
- Fixed "Random Accounts Grabber". also program crashes when a proxy is used.
- Fixed "Active Accounts Grabber". program crashes when a proxy is used.

v1.0.0.7 (Sept-13-2011): New Hot Fixes
- fixed "the position of context menu of opening thread URL".
- fixed "proxy selection" in Add New Account dialog.
- fixed an issue with some types of proxies caused the program to crash.

v1.0.0.6 (Sept-12-2011): New Hot Fixes
- New fix for the trial version has been applied.
- Fixed a new bug in proxies.

v1.0.0.5 (Sept-12-2011): New Hot Fix and New Decaptcha Service added
- Added new decaptcha service called "ImageTypers".
- Fixed a new bug in i-Topics Creator causes the program to crash.

v1.0.0.4 (Sept-12-2011): New Hot Fix
- Minor bugs fixed causes the program to crash.

v1.0.0.3 (Sept-11-2011): New Hot Fixes
- Fxed some random bugs crashes the program.
- Fixed saving project, opening project and new project issues.
- and other minor bugs.

v1.0.0.2 (Sept-6-2011): New Hot Fixes
- Fixed major bug in "Accounts Registration". this bug used to hang the registration process.
- Fixed charset encoding issue in "Sharing Random Questions" feature.

v1.0.0.1 (Aug-28-2011): New Bugs Fixes Update
- Fixed a bug in profiles tab caused the program to crash.
- Fixed URLs Grabber. The program couldn't show results after doing a search

v1.0.0.0 (Aug-16-2011): New Release of vBulleTraffic Storm v1
Initial Release...